Final Fantasy Gold Saucer Cactpot Party

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Pay a visit to the Gold Saucer and get ready for a Bingo Frenzy

Based on the Mini Game from FFXIV Online, Cactpot Party places you against up to three of your friends as you play competitive Bingo. Players take turns placing number tiles in a grid and betting on what the results will be, which leads to a endless supply of laughs, good-times and the odd feud. Just like real Bingo.

Place your number chips wisely, predict your opponents’ moves and bet on the right outcome to come out on top! Learn to play here.


- 1x Game board 
- 9x Number chips 
- 8x Cactuar Playing Pieces 
- 1x Start Token 
- 35x Point chips 
- 16x Betting Tokens 
- 9x X Tokens 
- 8x Rule Guide 
- 16x Summary Cards