Final Fantasy TCG: Chaos "Boss Battle" Deck

Dune - Board Game Final Fantasy TCG: Chaos Dungeon Academy
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Introducing the Final Fantasy Chaos Boss Deck, finally a chance to throw your weight around as the "Big Man" you know are by taking on up to three challengers at a time.

The Chaos deck is a specially crafted, extra hefty, 80 card deck composed of 67 Boss Fight Specific cards (and 33 reprinted cards to fill out the deck) including notable naughty fellows such as "Diabolos", "Cloud of Darkness", "The Emperor" and "Chaos" himself; these Boss Battle cards have also been updated to pack even more punch.

The Boss Battle format was previously reserved for official tournaments where attendees could team up to battle FF TCG staff, but now you get to be the bully and let your friends team up against you.

Your opponents can coordinate, strategize and work together all they want, but it won't help them against the Chaos deck.

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